JIfULLY Valve Co., Ltd.

Production address: No. 27, Gangqiang Road, Konggang New District, Yongxing Street, Longwan District, Wenzhou City

Telephone: 0577-86621471

Fax: 0577-86622899

After sale: 0577-86622699

Q Q: 86621601

Mobile: 13605778879

General Manager: Shao Changchun


E-mail: jifully@163.comSales Hotline in East China and Southwest China: 0577-86622579 Mobile: 13857756869 Zhang Na

Sales Hotline in North China and Northeast China: 0577-86622679 Mobile: 15888727880 Cui Bingqian

Sales Hotline in Northwest and Central South China: 0577-86622889 Mobile: 15858757551 Shao Agile

Sales Hotline in Northeast and Southeast China: 0577-86621471 Mobile: 15888727659 Mr. Shao

Ministry of Foreign Trade: 0577-86632787 mobile phone; 13857709389 Ruan Yuhuan

Direct Sales Office: 150 meters to the south of the Chemical Industry Park Building of Dongye Village, Binhuai Town, Binhai County, Yancheng City (No. 6 Chen Li Road) Wang Long: 15057788078