Precautions for the use of fluorine-lined valves

author:Jifully 时间:2020-05-18 03:03:03

Precautions for the use of fluorine-lined valves

In recent years, with the development of industry, fluorine-lined valves have been used more and more. The following Kehong tells you about the use of some fluorine-lined valves:

Fluorine-lined valves, also known as fluoroplastic-lined corrosion-resistant valves, are polytetrafluoroethylene resins (or profiles processed) that are placed on the inner wall of steel or iron valve pressure-bearing parts by molding (or inlay) It is suitable for the inner surface of various pressure vessels and pipeline accessories) or the outer surface of valve internals, and it is used to make various valves and pressure vessels with its unique performance in anti-corrosion media.

Fluorine-lined valves are specially used to control corrosive or highly corrosive media. The inner surface of the valve body is covered with various fluorine plastics for selection, which has the characteristics of high strength and good corrosion resistance. Fluorine-lined valves are used in conjunction with actuators. They have dual functions of switch and flow adjustment. They can easily open and close the gas path without affecting the flow, ensuring the repeatability of the flow. It starts slowly, reducing the impact of instant pipeline pressure on the instrument.

Note on the use of fluorine-lined valves:

1. Before use, carefully read the product manual.

2. Use within the range of pressure, temperature and medium specified on the nameplate or manual.

3. For some media that are unstable and easy to decompose (such as decomposition of some media will cause volume expansion and cause abnormal increase in operating pressure), which will cause valve damage or leakage, measures should be taken to eliminate or limit the factors that cause the decomposition of unstable media . In the selection of valves, consideration should be given to changes in operating conditions that may be caused by unstable media and easy decomposition, and fluorine-lined valves with automatic pressure relief devices should be selected. 4. For the fluorine-lined valves on the pipelines of toxic, flammable, explosive and highly corrosive media, it is strictly forbidden to replace the packing under pressure. Although the fluorine-lined valve has an upper sealing function in design, it is not recommended to replace the packing under pressure.

5. During the use of fluorine-lined valves, the sealing surface of fluoroplastics is relatively soft, and the sealing surface is often damaged due to medium crystals and solid particles, resulting in seal leakage. After discovery, timely repair or replace the seals.